Is vaping smoking? Is one of the biggest questions we have been asked. Of course over the last couple of years, you have more than likely come across the idea of vaping. One of the biggest miscommunications that we hear on a regular basis is that Vaping is the same as smoking, and to be frank; nothing could be more wrong.

Isn’t Vaping just like smoking?

We understand the confusion when it comes to vaping vs smoking, and although our mission is to ensure that smokers are able to quit their cigarettes for good.

What makes vaping any different than smoking?

There are countless differences between vaping and smoking, ranging from all different aspects of life; here let’s go through a few now:

No tobacco at all

Vaping is the action of vaporizing a liquid mix – To learn more, please stay tuned for our post on what these liquids include – in order to turn it into an inhalable vapour. While these liquids include Nicotine, they don’t contain traces of tobacco.

No smoke, instead there’s vape

Those who traditionally smoke, light up a pre-made/rolled cigarette; which causes a whole range of chemical products to be burned. The user then inhales and exhales these chemicals, which leaves a smelly cloud of chemicals in their body and in the air. On the other hand, a vape device vaporizes a liquid which; are put through rigorous testing before sale to a certified vape supplier. This liquid produces a light vapour which can be inhaled and exhaled by the vapour, leaving no dense smoke in the area, therefore, removing that tangent “Smokers Smell” from fingers and furniture.

Can I legally vape inside?

At the moment there aren’t any blanket bans on vaping like there is with smoking, this means that it is down to the establishment whether or not they wish to allow vaping. There are a few places in the UK where vaping is not permitted, let’s go through these…

Trains are a no.

Vaping is banned on all UK trains, and more than likely if you try to vape on the train platforms you will receive the same outcome as someone attempting to smoke.

Airports and planes are a definite no.

As with traditional smoking, e-cigarettes are banned from use in airports, and on planes. Planes are also fitted with alarms which vape devices will trigger, which means you won’t get away with having a sneaky one.

Vaping in your pub isn’t completely against the law…

As there isn’t a blanket ban on vaping in the UK, some pubs and restaurants actually allow you to use your e-cigarette, however, it is always best to check first as it is down to the establishment’s discretion.

Have some more questions?

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