With this pandemic of the Corona Virus upon us, we feel as if we need to share some information with you on how you will be able to keep yourself safe whilst vaping through this.

As we all know by now, the best way to ensure your own safety is to make sure that you are being hygienically smart, this includes simple things like washing your hands every few hours but can also be extended to vaping and how you vape.

Whilst we are still under caution there are a few steps we would recommend to keep your vaping journey as safe as possible, and here they are…

Avoid taste testing from shared e-liquid bottles

The Corona Virus can be spread through contact with someone who happens to be carrying the virus, as there is no way of telling who is touching different objects. It is highly recommended that you avoid any contact with objects that you could then transfer to your face.

Avoid sharing tanks

Due to the fact that the Corona Virus can be caught through contact with the mouth, we recommend avoiding sharing your tanks with other people.

Wash tank out when changing your coils

Although on a normal day, you might change your coils without a second thought, or maybe you might even try to save your juice. We would highly recommend at the moment, when it is time for you to change your coil over to a new one you give your tank a quick wash. Although this will only take a couple of seconds, this will have a massive effect on washing off any bacteria that may have built up over time.

Wash your DripTips everyday

Most vapes sport removable driptips, and the driptip is the part of your vape that you have the majority of contact with, and it is the ONLY part of your vape that you’re having direct contact with in your mouth.

For this we would suggest washing your driptips twice a day, after you wake up, and just before you go to bed. This is important as throughout the day and night, bacteria could stick to your drip tip. Although washing it doesn’t kill the bacteria, it will wash it off and down the sink.

Got any questions? Feel free to message our Facebook page or give us a call and we will help you out however we can!

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